Tuesday 20th December 2016

Our AGM this month. We are going to celebrate all the great things that we've achieved and will be explaining all that's going to be happening in 2017. Happy new years everyone!

Our last meeting of 2017 to be held in the newly owned ‘The Copper Kettle.’

Meeting Details:

Time: 7.30am-9.00am
Date: Tuesday 20th December 2017
Location: Hatters (formerly The Copper Kettle), High Street, Andover, SP10 1LJ

Meeting Summary:

What a lovely meeting this morning! Our AGM was full of Christmas goodwill, and gratefulness for the opportunities AMBG that offers it’s members. It is a pleasure to spend time with such positive people.

Testimonials as to how helpful members have been to each other has resulted in some great things happening in 2016. And the increase in membership has extended the amount of useful knowledge freely given.

Our new website has enabled our online presence to be excellent, with fresh and stylish logo design and layout by Tom Perkins of Evolve Websites, with the information on it to be given a big boost at the beginning of 2017, with members contributing more and more.

Our Chairman David Ings of Langdowns DFK has guided us through the year continuing to extend links with other networking groups and organisations.

Caroline Sturt of Langdowns DFK has covered the role of Treasurer - No mean feat with the membership growing. We are always greeted with a smile from Caroline in the mornings.

Adam Phillips of Santander, the Business Manager, has been very busy as membership secretary and with his boundless energy and enthusiasm nurturing and advising those new to our group. I do wonder how he finds the time, after all he has won several medals this year!

Sophie Porter is a committee member who has some brilliant expertise in raising our group presence. 2017 is going to be the year when some lively activity is going to occur on Twitter! And other Social and Business media. Sophie has been very supportive in general to the committee and members.

The general feeling was that AMBG is growing and thriving. and we can look forward to a very good 2017.

Susan Risdale, AMBG member

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